Estall presents DL 01, the first lamp you can dress

March 25 2013

So, how many times do you think about your lighting in house? Probably once when you enter your new home (and the next couple of months when you’re buying your stuff), and then, it slowly disappears from your mind.. Until you see that new lamp you absolutely love of course.

Please meet Estall. From the Ghent-based designers Wouter and Ainhoa. they just launched the first lamp you can dress, DL 01. Seriously, you can start your morning with a yellow -hello sun- “daring” lamp, and end your day with the lovely red -romantic- “heartbeat” lamp.

Only 1 lamp -that you can use standing but also hanging- but different fabrics, different coats.

Estall - DL 01 - the first lamp you can dress

Journey is the first collection that goes with Estall DL 01. 11 shades that spices up your life, your rooms, your mood. 100% wool felt, which gives a lovely lighting. Simple, but lovely.

You can buy the DL 01 in a pack of one lampshade plus 2 coats. The lamp is 40cm diameter and 25cm high.

Estall - DL 01 Estall - DL 01 Estall