Innovative Swing Tree Installation by Visiondivision

February 20 2013

Architecture firm Visiondivision was asked to create an innovative concession stand for the 100 Acres: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. They created ‘Chop Stick’,

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Invisible Creature paints “Keys To The City” on wall of office

February 19 2013

Amazon.Com asked Invisible Creature, mural pro Don Rockwell and Foley Sign Company,  to paint their new office at South Lake Union. Their piece called “Keys To The City” is a huge, vibrant

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The Berge Winter Retreat – A perfect way to spend the winter

February 18 2013

If you’re looking for a way to spend the winter then the Berger Winter Retreat might be your thing. With its minimalistic design and use of wood it feels very comforting. via Interior

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“Land of Lancia” from Petrolicious

February 17 2013

Welcome to the world of Monte Carlo in the 1960′s. With ‘Land of Lancia’ Petrolicious shows us that the 1966 Lancia Fulvia Coupe is not just a car but a true piece of art. Enjoy

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The Tea Cup SlingsHOT – Squeeze until the last drop

February 13 2013

The Tea Cup SlingsHOT, a design concept by Samir Sufi, is a clever idea. A built in groove lets you pull the teabag tight against the edge of the cup to squeeze liquid out of the bag and keep

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Street art: Murals by Agostino Iacurci

February 12 2013

Italian street artist Agostino Iacurci paints huge, larger-than-life illustrations on outdoor pieces. In his work he uses but flat shapes and geometric forms. Check the website of Agostino

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Gifts for Architects And Designers

February 10 2013

What do you buy an architect as a gift? No idea? You could go for one of these.

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Ghost & Lava People – Ceramic figures by Louise Gaarmann & Anders Arhøj

February 8 2013

Many objects become cute when you but 2 eyes on them. Makes them more human like. The Japanese Shinto religion was the inspiration of 2  designers, Louise Gaarmann & Anders Arhøj, to create

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Ich bin Atheist Berlin – Shoes!

February 7 2013

The people of Ich Bin Atheist describe themselves as: We are an incredulity of atheists, living in Berlin and furiously dedicating our days to not believing in god. Ok, that’s not true;

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School package design project: Thorsteinn

February 6 2013

As a school package design project assignement Icelandic Academy of the Arts students, created these beer packages. The concept is to have one beer and 10 different bottle designs by 10 different

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The Boathouse by Alex Cochrane Architects

February 5 2013

Timber, lots of openness, light through roundel windows, this Boathouse in the south of England oozes calmth . via Dezeen

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Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – Diamond Light

February 4 2013

Sebastian Scherer, a German designer, created this incredible beauty. As the title ‘Diamond Light’ prevails he used the diamond as his inspiration to craft a very elegant yet strong

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Send your post by Pigeon Post

February 1 2013

Remember those days when pidgeons carried all your post out to your loved one? Where you had to wait days, weeks until you recieved an answer? Probably not ’cause that has been ages ago.

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Typography tour through Europe

January 31 2013

Encounter Europe through typography thanks to designer Gokhun Guneyhan. Via Fubiz

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Cute Tapir teddy

January 31 2013

Have you ever seen a tapir alive? I haven’t. Only on National Geographic eating ants. So what do we know about this amazing animal? It looks like a mixture of a rhinoceros and a horse,

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Single Cup Coffee Maker

January 30 2013

Korean design Kay Heekyung Kim has created a coffee maker for one single cup. With its minimalistic design it looks astonishing.   via Fubiz™

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X-Ray Object art by Hugh Turvey

January 29 2013

Enjoy the surprising result of mixing x-ray and art by Hugh Turvey:     via Fubiz™

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Spice up your living room with a rug or carpet

January 28 2013

The perfect rug or carpet can be an eye-catcher in your living room. Here’s some inspiration to help you find that one perfect piece out of all those rugs. More at: Blog of Francesco

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Water tower with a modern twist

January 25 2013

Leigh Osborne and Graham Voce managed to turn this 19e century water tower into a modern piece of architectural art. via Fubiz™

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Arty walls thanks to The Wallery

January 24 2013

You could light up your wall with a framed artwork. You could. Or you go think outside the box and go for The Wallery. Basically, they make unframed art. The Wallery is a place where a unique

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California Living by WA Design

January 23 2013

This house has a nice combination of modern details and rustic materials and is designed by WA Design. Check the website of WA Design. via CONTEMPORIST

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Keep it clean: Bevel Cup

January 22 2013

How do you store a mug perfectly hygienically? If you put it upwards dirt can fall in. So that doesn’t work. If you put it downwards the rims remain dirty. Not good either. Designers

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Louis Vuitton exhibition – Writing is a Journey

January 21 2013

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton held an exhibition at Saint-Germain-des-Prés boutique in Paris in December dedicating to the world of writing called “L’Ecriture est un voyage”

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Say cheeeese – Tim Flach’s More than Human

January 18 2013

Take one Londen-based photographer Tim Flach, put him in a room with almost any animal in the world. What do you get? Magic! A couple of months ago Tim presented his work of seven years in an

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See it to believe it! Axe Apollo Space Academy.

January 17 2013

This is what Earth looks like from out of space. At least that’s what NASA says. But is it true? Don’t you have to see it to believe it? Well, thanks to Axe (Lynx) Apollo now you’ve

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Henry van de Velde Awards 2012 winners

January 16 2013

Flanders’ got designer talent! That’s what the annual Henry van de Velde Awards prove since 1994. These designer awards are an initiative of Design Flanders and honour young talent,

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Folded Light in the darkness

January 15 2013

Give yourself some designer light during these dark days thanks to the Folded Light Art of designer Jiangmei Wu. Each Folded Light is made from 100 percent recycled cotton paper and is made

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Splash of color – GMG house by Pedro Gadanho

January 14 2013

If you like bold bright colors, then you’ll love this GMG house by Pedro Gandanho! via Better Living Through Design

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Way too cute – Cheek and Stitch

January 11 2013

Adorable handmade plush octopus’ from Cheek and Stitch. Check the website of Cheek & Stitch. Sooooo cute!   via TokyoBunnie

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Stunning Staircases!

January 10 2013

Taking the stairs is great for your health. When you do, don’t forget to look around and enjoy the view. Some staircases are too beautiful to miss.   Source: Digital Photography

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I’m on a horse – Babis Keyboard version

January 9 2013

German artist Babis (website) created a sculpture named ‘hedonism(y) trojaner’ out of recycled resin, computer cables and buttons. With his work of art he wants to warn us from the dangerous

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These cookies you can play with – 3D Dino cookies

January 8 2013

Remember when your mother used to tell you: Don’t play with your food, just eat it alright! Well, those days are finally over. Thanks to Suck UK who created the 3D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters.

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Townhouse living in France

January 7 2013

How does a graphic designer live in Bordeaux, France? Find out more on townhouse living in Est Magazine. These are some teasers. I love the playful, colorful accents. You can subscribe to

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BA – Shut up fools! End the Christmas spirit

January 4 2013

Shut up fools and quite your Christmas spirit! Illustration by Stanley Chow

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We will Sock You!

January 3 2013

Many men and women neglect a very important piece of clothing, their socks. Socks make or break your outfit, they determine if you are perfectly dressed or just not that good. Socks make the

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Writing Nintendo history

January 2 2013

Watch this animation showcasing Nintendo history from the NES in 1985 (yes it’s been so long, you’re getting old) to their newest accomplishment, the WII U. History of Nintendo

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Terrific Terrarium

December 31 2012

Why not give your plants what they deserve, a nice place to live and grow? Wander through these terrific terrarium designs. Source: Blog of Francesco Mugnai

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Mirror, mirror on the wall.

December 30 2012

A collection of modern, creative, handy mirrors. Look at all that beauty. Yeah, I mean you!

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Aëdle Headphones – Because we make love with our eyes and ears

December 29 2012

Be quick ’cause these beautiful Aëdle headphones are limited edition. Only 500 of them are being made. Seems like the perfect belated New Year present right? AEDLE VK-1 Headphones –

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Worship architectural minimalism at God’s houses

December 28 2012

The series ‘Corpus Christi’ highlights the architectural aesthetic of the new places of worship and their hymn to minimalism. Source: But does it float  

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Teasing your retina – Chromosaturation by Carlos Cruz Diez

December 27 2012

Artist Carlos Cruz Diez creates an artificial environment called The Chromosaturation. With one red, one green and one blue chamber, the visitor immerses in a completely monochrome situation.

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Merry Christmas – May the Chrismy lamp light up your day

December 26 2012

Is there a Christmas tree lighting up your living room? No? Did you chose not to put one this year ’cause you’re tired of all those needles? Well, maybe next year you can go for the

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Moleskine’s stop-motion promotion

December 21 2012

I’ve got to admit, I’m a sucker for Moleskine. I wouldn’t be able to leave the house without my limited edition Pacman Moleskine. It’s filled with ideas, little drawings

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Mono coloring game boards – Game over

December 20 2012

New Zealand photographer Henry Hargreaves working in New York created these mono colored traditional game boards. Can you see what they used to be? Source: Fubiz™ 

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Creative way to guard important objects – Animal boxes

December 19 2012

The animal boxes created by Karl Zahn each represent a powerful animal and can be seen as a totem for our individual ambitions. They fit perfectly on the shelf as a sculpture and can guard important

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Show me those hands. Lithe Clock with extreme hands.

December 18 2012

Time flies when you’re having fun. Presenting that time as a dance is what Lithe Clock wants to do. It’s extreme long hands make it look like it has a life of its own. The designers

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Love wine? Then you’ll love these!

December 17 2012

Christmas eve, New Years eve, perfect moments to open up a bottle of white or red whine. (or more) If you’ve got wine loving friends then these could work out to be the perfect gift. Source:

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Put some Coca-Cola bottles on the table

December 16 2012

This collaboration between Nendo, a Japanse designstudio, and Coca-Cola resulted in some beautiful tableware. The iconic 1916 contour Coca-Cola bottles were almost magically turned from junk

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Yummy yummy – Gummy Bears Chandelier

December 14 2012

Biggest challenge when getting this Gummy Bears Chandelier? Not eat it! Designer Kevin Champeny hand-made this delicious candelier with over 3000 hand cast acrylic Gummy Bears. You can actually

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Every girls dream, the walk-in closet

December 13 2012

A walk-in closet is on my wish-list since ages, and looking at the below pictures I’m starting to think that maybe I should start following my dreams. Millimetrica by Misuraemme Hosun

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Design for the rich and famous – Wally One Speedboat

December 12 2012

Don’t we all love to live in style? If you fit into the rich and famous layer of our society you should check out the Wally One Speedboat. With a plethora of color options, The Wally measures

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Mo? Check! Fake Glasses? Check! – The Hipster Starter Kit

December 11 2012

This Parody Hipster Starter Kit set by Mihael Miklosic shows the stereotypical tools and images of a hipster. Too bad that this is not for sale! His website:

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